Why Photography Is More Alive When It’s Collaborative

Being a photographer, I have the pleasure to work with a diverse group of individuals and businesses all looking to stand out in their respective industries. Being trusted to bring a vision to life is not only something I treasure but also something that fuels my creative fire. I'm also very well aware that it can take a great group of people collaborative who excel in their specific fields to create something very special!

The new owners of Richland Fine Art in Nashville were needing branding images to announce the rebranding of a fantastic fine art gallery here in Nashville, TN. The team's Marketing Manager, Justin McIntosh, had a vision in his head of what he was looking to have created for a group image to be used in a full-page ad in nFOCUS Magazine.

Prior to the shoot, Justin and I spoke about his vision and how he'd like to see it take shape. We kept a neutral theme with both the set design (created by Stacy Beam) and the wardrobe (styled by Olivia Rose Styling). Lighting was key in making the group look clean and polished, while still having mood and dimension. I placed a single strobe modified with a large umbrella, and white diffusion fabric, camera left at approximately 45 degrees, and feathered it off of my subjects.

When all hands are on deck and everyone brings their best to their specific roles, that's when the magic happens!

Group of Four People Who are Fine Art Dealers Wearing Beige Tones Posed in front of canvas' covered in dropcloths
Richland Fine Art - Nashville, TN

Individual headshots of each owner showcase their personality while still keeping things cohesive.

And the final AD for nFocus Magazine....

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Client: Richland Fine Art
Photographer: Tausha Dickinson
Assistant: Anthony Romano

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