First of all, let me say I do take COVID-19 very seriously. Myself, along with my family have been self-quarantined and have not left our house/neighborhood for a week so far! These times are uncertain and I wanted to find a way to cheer up my neighborhood. Little did I know yesterday ➡️ when I posted a few sneak peeks to Facebook ⬅️that so many people around the nation and the world for that matter needed this right now.

IMG 1526

Yesterday I gave my neighbors a 5-hour notice that I was going to walk around and photograph their families (from a VERY safe distance of course!) I let everyone do their own thing and I absolutely loved capturing these photos. We all had a good laugh.

These are just a few of my wonderful neighbors and I think we all can agree that we need good neighbors right now.

***Speaking of good neighbors, thank you Courtney for assisting!!!

QUAR Family 5
WeirdTimesBrightSpirits 9
Covid 19 Family 6
WeirdTimesBrightSpirits 8
WeirdTimesBrightSpirits 7
WeirdTimesBrightSpirits 20
WeirdTimesBrightSpirits 1
WeirdTimesBrightSpirits 2
WeirdTimesBrightSpirits 26
WeirdTimesBrightSpirits 27
WeirdTimesBrightSpirits 29
WeirdTimesBrightSpirits 33
WeirdTimesBrightSpirits 34
IMG 1525
WeirdTimesBrightSpirits 21
WeirdTimesBrightSpirits 22
WeirdTimesBrightSpirits 23
WeirdTimesBrightSpirits 24
WeirdTimesBrightSpirits 25
WeirdTimesBrightSpirits 13 1
WeirdTimesBrightSpirits 14 1
Covid 19 Family 8
WeirdTimesBrightSpirits 18
Covid 19 Family 3
WeirdTimesBrightSpirits 4
WeirdTimesBrightSpirits 30
WeirdTimesBrightSpirits 31
WeirdTimesBrightSpirits 32
WeirdTimesBrightSpirits 6

I need to brag on my neighbors for a moment. I know many of these people personally and have seen them giving their time, money, and resources for Tornado relief here in Tennessee before the quarantine.

I would say go to your neighbor and give them a hug, but that's not something we can do right now. We can still find ways to be a community and lift each other up. This was my small way of doing that...
Stay tuned, if there is more quarantine, there will most likely be more photos to come.


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