I partnered with AVVAY (a digital platform that makes awesome spaces easily bookable for everyone) for a unique portrait experience for musicians in Nashville, TN. Paul C. Buff, Inc. swung by to get some behind-the-scenes content and also interviewed me about the event, the benefits of using AVVAY, and why I chose The Jail at Warren Studios as the space for the shoot.

What was your favorite thing about the space?

My absolute favorite thing about the space was that it was so unique. How often do you get to photograph in a space that looks like a Jail? You can easily find a simple studio with white walls or maybe a cool wood backdrop or something of that sort, which is wonderful for most shoots, but being able to offer this space specifically for a musician portrait day was a dream.

What was your thought process behind the lighting setups you used?
Mood. Mood. Mood. I also wanted to stay true to who the clients were and their branding too, which is why you might notice that Alex’s images are a little less moody and Kellye’s images are ALL MOOD and SaraBeth’s are somewhere right in between.

What do you like most about AVVAY?
AVVAY is just amazing. I’ve booked the most simple of studios to the coolest and most unique spaces, like this Jail. It’s my go-to spot when I am looking for a studio or somewhere to host an event. There is something for everyone and every style on their site. That is really important to me as I work with a VERY diverse group of clients and my needs change from session to session.

Did the space inspire you to try different styles or techniques that you may not have done otherwise?
Absolutely, going into this space I knew I wanted mood & for me that meant GELS. While I do use Gels from time to time it isn’t something I am 100% comfortable with, but this shoot really boosted my confidence and I think I will use gels more often moving forward.


“We were so pumped to be a part of this project. It was a blast to partner with our amazing creative friends Tausha DickinsonEmily GoodinShani Gailbreath, and the whole crew at Paul C. Buff, Inc.,” states Nick de Partee, Co-founder of AVVAY. “We started AVVAY to provide our community access to inspirational spaces with a mission to radically simplify the way creatives make content and collaborate. A huge component of that mission becoming a reality is working with space owners who understand the creative community we are serving. Warren Smythe is one of our top-rated hosts largely because he has such an incredible vision for the spaces he creates. The Jail at Warren Studios is a prime example of perfectly executed vision and unwavering attention to detail. Cheers to a job well done to all of you who were a part of this project!”


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Photographer: Tausha Dickinson
Assistant: Amber Smith
Wardrobe Stylist: Emily Goodin of EffortlesStyle
Makeup Artist: Shani Gailbreath
Singers: Alex Bosworth | SaraBeth | Kellye Rather
Custom Jackets: Patch 12 Garments
Location: AVVAY | Warren Smythe

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