Men’s Headshots // The 3 Things You Need To Do To Look Your Best In A Headshot

Distinguished man wearing a white button down shrt and blue suit jacket smiling in for a headshot
Client // Sage Freight

Prepping for your headshot doesn't have to be a stressful situation. You're a busy man and you want to look your best. These three tips will help you achieve just that!


While wardrobe for a headshot varies based on the overall look you'd like, and oftentimes the industry that you are in, keeping things clean and simple is always polished and straightforward. Some things to consider when deciding on your outfit:

  • Wear something that you would wear when attending an important meeting or when meeting a potential new client.

  • Wear a color and style that is flattering to you. In most cases, blues, especially medium blue tones, look great on most men. (Not that I planned this when choosing the images for this post haha.)

  • Avoid large prints and busy fabrics. They tend to distract from what's most important ... YOU! Be sure to stick with solid colors and small prints.
Distinguished man wearing a white button down shrt and blue suit jacket in an environmental headshot
Client // USMIG

Men's grooming and skincare routines have definitely evolved over the years and taking some simple steps will not only show up great in your photos but also to your clients. Keep these things in mind when prepping that beautiful mug of yours prior to the shoot:

  • If you decide to get your haircut prior to your headshot session, plan on giving yourself at least 5-7 to settle into your new style.

  • Rocking that beard or fancy 'stache?! It's important to keep things trimmed and tidy. You want to look your best, not like you survived six days in the wilderness. Unless you did, and this headshot is commemorating that achievement haha.

  • When it comes to skincare, let's face it, none of us are getting any younger. It's important to keep your skin hydrated both from the inside and on the outside. Drink plenty of water, get a good night's sleep, and don't forget to moisturize before your shoot!
Male model in a blue suit unbuttoned smiling during a photo shoot
Client // Adam Bergh

After all, this is all about YOU! Give your basics a personal touch. Whether it's wearing your favorite sneakers with that snazzy suit, the watch you rock 24/7, or those cartoon socks that everyone gets a kick out of, include one element that people will automatically relate to you.

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Photographer: Tausha Dickinson

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