Make Your Next Event Unforgettable with Magazine Style Portraits // The Portrait Experience

"The difference between a great portrait and an ordinary portrait is the experience."

A great way to add something unique and custom to your event is to provide pop-up portraits for the attendees.

This isn't a photo booth...

This is...


My pop-up portrait studio is all about making your guests/attendees feel like they are total rockstars! These portraits are unique to each individual. They can be as simple as a solid colored backdrop or if the event calls for it a completely custom set. It's perfect for everything from birthday parties to corporate events and everything in between. These creative portraits of your friends/attendees are captured on-site and delivered to them within minutes via the attendee's email.

Tausha Dickinson's Portrait Experience at a 40th Birthday Party in Nashville TN

This particular party had a Murder Mystery game that the attendees were playing as part of the festivities. One of their stops was to come through my portrait area. Everyone came dressed up and were dying (possible pun intended) to have their portrait taken.

Lighting for this shoot consisted of a single flash unit. My main light, modified with a large umbrella and diffusion fabric, was placed camera left about 45 degrees from my subject. This large spread of light provided ample coverage and allowed me to create both bright and moody portraits depending on the attendee.

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Canon R5
Canon 24-70
Canon 70-200
Kupo Click Stand
Impact Umbrella + Diffusion for Umbrella
MoneyMaker Dual Camera Strap

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Event: 40th Birthday Party - Murder Mystery
Photographer: Tausha Dickinson
Event Planner: EventsLYFE | Michelle Campos
Custom Cocktails: Perfectly Cordial | Rhonda Malone Cammon

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