Rollson Royce photographed by Photographer Tausha Dickinson BW

I've wanted to work with Nashville-based model, Rollson Royce, for quite some time. We finally had a chance to get together early on in 2021 and I wanted to capture as much as we could in the time we had to create together. While we did some really fun creative shots, we were both inspired by a portrait of the late Chadwick Boseman taken by photographer Sam Jones. Both Rollson and Chadwick have such warm and welcoming smiles ... I knew this was going to be a great shot!

The lighting for this shoot consisted of two strobes. One was modified with an umbrella and diffusion fabric placed in front of Rollson, and the second was modified with a MagBox Pro 24 Octabox and was used as a backlight to provide separation from the background. & the background was a replaced as well in post-production.

Chadwick Boseman by Photogrpaher Sam Jones

Chadwick Boseman Photo Credit // Sam Jones

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Nikon Z7ii
Nikon 85mm
Nikon F to Z Adapter
Godox AD600 Pro
Godox AD200
MagMod 24" Octabox
MoneyMaker Dual Camera Strap

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