Being a Headshot Photographer does not mean that your photos have to be in front of a plain backdrop to keep the focus on your client. While there's a time and place for almost anything, don't feel that you can't change up the space where your client would like to have their headshot done. The staff at Wildhorse Saloon were looking to have some updated FANTASTIC headshots taken for some of the senior staff members. The Wildhorse itself is exciting, bustling, and filled with neon lights. It's the place you go to dine and dance. While it would have been a great location for these updated shots, I opted to utilize another space owned by the Wildhorse, One Fourteen.

One Fourteen provided a more neutral backdrop for each staff member's headshot. I was able to capture everyone's personality and place them within different spots around the space and make each headshot unique to that individual. It takes practice to know what makes a good backdrop for headshots... But guess what??? All you have to do is take a test shot and if it isn't what you had hoped for you just move on to your next great idea.

Lighting for this headshot session consisted of a single flash unit that was modified with a large umbrella and diffusion fabric. This gave a nice even spread of light and also made the images consistent among the staff members. There were a few photos where I did place a Speedlight off-camera hitting the wall to light up the background a bit.

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Canon R5
Canon 24-70
Canon 70-200
Kupo Click Stand
Impact Umbrella + Diffusion for Umbrella
MoneyMaker Dual Camera Strap

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Client: Wildhorse Saloon
Photographer: Tausha Dickinson
Photog Assistant: Anthony Romano
Location: One Fourteen

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