Get Creative // Portraits Don’t Have to be Perfect

Amanda Dease, owner of Studio Dease, photographed by Nashville photographer Tausha Dickinson
Client // Amanda Dease, Owner of Studio Dease

Finding out about my client's needs prior to our shoot is one of my favorite parts of the process. Learning how their images will be used, what they plan to wear, the overall vibe and feeling of the photos, all of it adds up to a successful shoot and epic photos.

My client Amanda Dease, owner of Studio Dease, is a bad a$$ interior designer, creative director, set builder, and so much more! Amanda reached out looking to have some portraits taken for an advertisement that she would be running in Nashville Interiors Magazine. New to Nashville, Amanda wanted to make a statement and showcase who she is and what sets her apart from her competition. During our consultation call, Amanda and I discussed what vibe she wanted and how we'd bring it all together. On the day of the shoot we started off with more traditional portraits that still looked amazing ... 'cause you know ... I'm amazing at what I do and so is Amanda haha. But the portraits weren't showing off her style and energy.

Amanda Dease, owner of Studio Dease, photographed by Nashville photographer Tausha Dickinson

Having the freedom to get creative in-camera, I picked up some prism lens adapters that I had lying on my desk in the studio. This added just the right amount of flare that we were missing! We were both thrilled with the final outcome and think that it highlights Amanda's energy, style, and creativity.

I was a little surprised that Amanda had chosen the not-so-safe image to run for her ad. I mean the advertisement was a full two-page spread after all! Blur and distortion aren't typically seen in the images that grace the pages of Nashville Interiors, but the image itself couldn't be more Amanda if we tried!

Screen Shot 2022 09 30 at 2.07.55 PM

Don't limit yourself by sticking to what looks "perfect" or "clean." Sure, take those images so you have a safety net, but if your client is up for it, step outside the norm and get a little funky! You may just surprise yourself ... and your client!

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Client: Amanda Dease, Owner of Studio Dease
Photographer: Tausha Dickinson
Wallpaper: New Hat

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