Ah, spring! The season that has fashionistas and photographers alike aflutter with anticipation. This year, I had the pleasure of being the photographic maestro for nFocus Magazine's Spring Fashion Shoot.

nFocus Spring Fashion 2023 03 2023 004
nFocus Spring Fashion 2023 03 2023 010

The photo shoot was nothing short of a whimsical daydream. Our backdrop? A dazzling Mylar wonderland, complete with silver tinsel and iridescent beads. Against this shimmering spectacle, our models' vibrant ensembles styled by Emily Goodin practically leapt off the page.

nFocus Spring Fashion 2023 03 2023 002

But what's a photoshoot without the pièce de résistance – the lighting? To achieve an ethereal glow that would make even Tinkerbell green with envy, we enlisted the help of two gargantuan umbrellas paired with a Profoto B10x Plus. Positioned like dueling knights at the front and back, they cast a reflective spell that made each outfit positively radiant.

nFocus Spring Fashion 2023 03 2023 012

As for the fashion spreads themselves, we left no soirée unturned. From swanky cocktail parties to the crème de la crème of black-tie affairs, we showcased a kaleidoscope of eye-catching ensembles guaranteed to steal the show.

However, the ball's true belle was our mesmerizing Mylar backdrop. With its reflective prowess and twinkle, it was as if each frame had been sprinkled with fairy dust.

In a nutshell, the nFocus Magazine spring fashion shoot was an absolute delight. With captivating outfits, awe-inspiring lighting, and a backdrop that could rival Cinderella's ballroom, the experience was one for the storybooks. My excitement to see these images grace the printed page knows no bounds!

Photographer: Tausha Dickinson
Location: Westlight Studios
Hair & Makeup Artists: MHD Beauty Parlor // Faith + Delaney
Wardrobe Stylist: Emily Goodin
Photography Assistant: Anthony Romano
Models: AMAX // Gabriela Henson + Ashley Alexander

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