Danielle Ontiveros, Founder and CEO, of Grab the Gold is about as sweet as they come!!! She is kind, humble, and generous ... SERIOUSLY... her company has helped feed half a million people through Feeding America.

I've loved these delicious treats for years and they have become part of my go-to snack, especially when I am on photoshoots. So I'm sure y'all can guess just how excited I was to book the gig to create some updated branding images for the company.

Branding Images of Danielle Ontiveros, Founder and CEO of Grab the Gold, by photographer Tausha Dickinson

I worked closely with Grab the Gold's Marketing Specialist, Blake Hughes, to bring his creative direction to life. I found an excellent home through Home Studio in Gallatin, TN that was the perfect backdrop for some bright and airy lifestyle images. The premise behind these images was to showcase Danielle in a relatable, natural, and professional atmosphere. These kitchen shots did the trick!! Having a strong team helped a long day of shooting go extremely smooth. Danielle was an absolute joy to work with, and I only snuck a few Grab the Gold bars when no one was looking!

SETUP copy

Lighting for this shoot consisted of two flash units. My main light, modified with a large umbrella and diffusion fabric, was placed camera left about 45 degrees from my subject. This large spread of light gave use the open airy look we were wanting. My second flash was placed camera right and had no modifier. I simply bounced it into the corner of the room to fill in some of the shadows that were being casted by my main light. Curious about bouncing light? You can get all the details by checking out my previous blog post.

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Canon R5
Canon 24-70
Canon 70-200
Kupo Click Stand
Impact Umbrella + Diffusion for Umbrella
MoneyMaker Dual Camera Strap

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Client: Grab the Gold
Photographer: Tausha Dickinson
Photog Assistant: Anthony Romano
HMUA: Alysia Faith
Wardrobe Stylist: Emily Goodin
Retoucher: Armando Visual Artist
Creative Direction: Blake // Marketing - Grab the Gold
Location: Rental - Home Studio List

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