Are You Collecting Reviews During Your Workflow // Collecting Customer Feedback is a Must

Feedback is a great way to grow both in business and in life. For a hot minute, I was forgetting to send out follow-up surveys to my clients after their images were delivered. This was a BIG MISTAKE! Not only was I missing out on valuable information that could help me grow my business, I was also missing out on some really kind words from some really amazing people!

I've incorporated a super quick survey that gets sent out to my clients after their session has been completed. I have this automated in my business software (I use Dubsado ... but you do you). This allows me to ensure it's getting sent out and alleviates me trying to remember where I put my keys ... I mean ... to send it out myself!

Anything that you can do to help streamline your business is worth the extra time that it may take to get things set up just how you like them.

Kim Sissons, the Mid-South Area Sales Manager at Intuitive, was an absolute JOY to work with!

We laughed, we talked about her work and the DaVinci Robot, which honestly was almost as mind-blowing as her beauty.... but not quite!

She's strong, she's fierce... she's just a BAD-A$$.

Headshots of Kim Sissons, Mid-South Area Sales Manager at Intuitive, by photographer Tausha Dickinson

"My biggest fear of hiring a photographer was not getting pictures that made me feel great and wasting my money. I absolutely loved how Tausha made me feel from minute one. Tausha made me feel so comfortable and like a badass," Kim Sissons.

What would you say if you were to recommend me?

"I would say, even if you do not live in Franklin, or the State of Tennessee, it is 1000% worth the trip to book Tausha and come for the experience. She truly provides you an experience. You will absolutely love your photos, she will capture you the way you want to be seen and you will have a blast doing it!"

Lighting for these headshots consisted of a single flash unit. My main light was modified with a large umbrella and diffusion fabric and was placed camera right (or sometimes left haha) about 45 degrees from my subject. This large spread of light provided ample coverage and kept things bright and inviting.

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Canon R5
Canon 24-70
Canon 70-200
Kupo Click Stand
Impact Umbrella + Diffusion for Umbrella
MoneyMaker Dual Camera Strap

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Client: Kim Sissons at Intuitive
Photographer: Tausha Dickinson
MUA: Anais Shiba

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